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October 6, 2016
Creditor Rights and Innovation: Evidence from Patent Collateral
William Mann

Patents have attracted controversy over whether they foster or hinder innovation. In his paper, William Mann is one of the few that establish a causal relationship between patents and R&D activity.

November 1, 2016
Don’t fix what isn’t Broken: The Extraordinary Record of Innovation and Success in the Cellular Industry under Existing Licensing Practices
George Mason Law Review Keith Mallinson

The wireless industry has benefitted from explosive growth in new technologies utilized by manufacturers, carriers, and consumers over the last few decades. In this paper, Mallinson illustrates how a combination of many factors led to this growth.

November 1, 2016
The Inverse Cournot Effect in Royalty Negotiations with Complementary Patents
Gerard Llobet and Jorge Padilla

Llobet and Padilla amend the standard Cournot complements model by taking into account that patents are only valid and infringed with some probability, and can be challenged in court. This new economic model shows that royalty stacking is not an issue.

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