Antitrust Policy for a New Administration


At a recent Heritage Foundation Conference, (now) Acting Chairman Maureen K. Ohlhausen gave a speech addressing some of the changes she would like to see under the new administration. Ohlhausen noted that the FTC had been pursuing a harsh “unfair competition” agenda that “imposed unnecessary costs on businesses”, and in turn, began to deflate IP rights of U.S. inventors. She also conceded that “the Commission wrongly heeded calls by technology users that want to pay the smallest possible royalties for their inputs” to help set that agenda. Ohlhausen expressed further concern that the Commission (and administration) had been “disregard[ing] sound economics” and that “regulation [had] become pervasive – its tentacles invading almost every aspect of business life.” She stated that these areas are opportunities for the Trump administration to improve upon over the next four years.

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