Gupta, Kirti

March 2018
Gupta, Kirti and Effraimidis, Georgios

IEEE Patent Policy Revisions: An Empirical Examination of Impact

In February 2015, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-Standards Association (IEEE-SA) -- one of the largest Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) -- adopted highly controversial changes to its intellectual property rights (IPR) policy. Specifically, the IEEE-SA introduced...Read More

November 2017
Gupta, Kirti

How SSOs Work: Unpacking the Mobile Industry's 3GPP Standards

At the center of the policy debate over patents and technology standards lie the widely successful mobile wireless cellular 3G and 4G standards. This chapter of "The Cambridge Handbook of Technical Standardization Law: Competition, Antitrust, and Patents" focuses on explaining the standards...Read More

November 30, 2017
Gupta, Kirti

The New Era of Antitrust Law and Policy in Standards: Embracing Evidence Based Policy-making

This article details the Department of Justice’s (DOJ’s) new top antitrust enforcer, Assistant Attorney General (AAG) Makan Delrahim, powerful speech on November 10, 2017 on antitrust law and policy enforcement towards intellectual property rights (IPRs).Read More

November 20, 2017
Gupta, Kirti and Wong-Ervin, Koren and Coniglio, Joe and Naegele, Dylan

IP LeadershIP Brussels: Highlights And Economic Analysis

In September 2017, IP LeadershIP held its first conference in Europe. The event, which was attended by policymakers, practitioners, and scholars, featured diverse views on topics such as: balancing the interests of contributors and implementers of technologies; possible adverse consequences on...Read More

Spring 2016
Gupta, Kirti

FRAND in India: Emerging Developments

Gupta, Kirti and Llobet, Gerard and Padilla, Jorge

The Licensing of Complementary Innovations and the Threat of Litigation


It has been commonly argued that in Standard Setting Organizations the large number of inventors that hold patents for technologies that are essential for development of compatible products leads to excessively large royalties. This wellknown Cournot-complements or Royalty-Stacking...Read More

Gupta, Kirti and Kesan, Jay

Studying the Impact of eBay on Injunctive Relief in Patent Cases


The Supreme Court’s 2006 decision on eBay Inc. vs MercExchange LLC (the eBay ruling) marked a turning point in the history of patent enforcement and policy. Almost a decade after the eBay ruling, there is still confusion about the implications and impact of this decision. Such questions...Read More