Kappos, David

Kappos, David

The *Real* Innovation Economy—Debunking Myths At the Intersection Between Intellectual Property and Competition Laws

International Symposium on Standards, SEPs and Competition Laws - TaiwanRead More

Kappos, David

Facts Show Patent Trolls Not Behind Rise In Suits

The American patent system is at a crossroads. Just two and a half years removed from passage of the America Invents Act — the most dramatic overhaul of the U.S. patent system in generations — we see almost monthly legislative efforts to reform the system yet again. Driving this sentiment in...Read More

Varney, Christine and Kappos, David

Balanced regulations help Innovation

This news article commends President Barack Obama for elevating Edith Ramirez to chairwoman of the FTC.Read More

Kappos, David

An Examination of Software Patents