Kesan, Jay

Kesan, Jay and Marco, Alan and Miller, Richard

More than Bric-À-Brac: Testing Chinese Exceptionalism in Patenting Behavior Using Comparative Empirical Analysis


Although many developing economies are increasingly influencing the global economy, China’s influence has been the greatest of these by far. Once hindered from competition by political and economic restrictions, China is now a major economic player. As China’s economic might has...Read More
Gupta, Kirti and Kesan, Jay

Studying the Impact of eBay on Injunctive Relief in Patent Cases


The Supreme Court’s 2006 decision on eBay Inc. vs MercExchange LLC (the eBay ruling) marked a turning point in the history of patent enforcement and policy. Almost a decade after the eBay ruling, there is still confusion about the implications and impact of this decision. Such questions...Read More

Spring 2014
Schwartz, David and Kesan, Jay

Analyzing the Role of Non-Practicing Entities in the Patent System

Cotropia, Christopher and Kesan, Jay and Schwartz, David

Unpacking Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs)