Layne-Farrar, Anne

Layne-Farrar, Anne and Llobet, Gerard and Padilla, Jorge

Payments and Participation: The Incentives to Join Cooperative Standard Setting Efforts

June 2012
Layne-Farrar, Anne and Llobet, Gerard

Moving beyond simple examples: Assessing the incremental value rule within standards


This paper presents a model of patent licensing in a standard setting context when patented technologies must be evaluated on multiple dimensions of value or quality. The model allows us to assess a policy proposal put forth in the literature: that an incremental value pricing rule...Read More

February 2009
Layne-Farrar, Anne and Padilla, Jorge and Llobet, Gerard

Preventing Patent Hold Up: An Economic Assessment of Ex Ante Licensing Negotiations in Standard Setting

New rules and procedures to prevent patent hold up and other such opportunistic licensing within standard setting contexts have received considerable attention in the academic literature. In this paper we provide an economic evaluation of joint licensing negotiations in standard setting...Read More

May 2008
Layne-Farrar, Anne and Llobet, Gerard and Padilla, Jorge

Are Joint Negotiations In Standard Setting "Reasonably Necessary"?