Osenga, Kristen

Mossoff, Adam and Epstein, Richard and Holte, Ryan and O'Connor, Sean and Osenga, Kristen and Schultz, Mark

MCM Portfolio v. HP - Brief of 13 Law Professors

The decision by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit directly contradicts this Court’s longstanding case law that secures constitutional protections in vested private property rights. The petitioner fully addresses the specific legal and constitutional issues arising from the creation...Read More

Summer 2015
Osenga, Kristen

Sticks and Stones: How The FTC’s Name-Calling Misses The Complexity Of Licensing-Based Business Models

This Essay asserts that the real problem is that patent licensing firms are treated as a homogenous category, with no attention paid to the wide range of business models that exist under the patent licensing firm umbrella.Read More