Shapiro, Carl

Fall 2015
Shapiro, Carl

Injunctions, Hold-Up, and Patent Royalties


A simple model is developed to study royalty negotiations between a patent holder and a downstream firm whose product is more valuable if it includes a feature covered by the patent. The downstream firm must make specific investments to develop, design, and sell its product before...Read More

Chien, Colleen and Gilbert, Richard and Shapiro, Carl and Cotter, Thomas and Fusco, Stefania

RAND Patents and Exclusion Orders: Submission of 19 Economics and Law Professors to the International Trade Commission

Farrell, Joseph and Hayes, John and Shapiro, Carl and Sullivan, Theresa

Standard Setting, Patents, and Hold-Up

This article focuses on a problem that the ABA Handbook labels “patent ambush” and that economists call “opportunism” or “hold-up.”Read More

Lemley, Mark and Shapiro, Carl

Patent Holdup and Royalty Stacking

Lemley, Mark and Shapiro, Carl

Probabilistic Patents

Katz, Michael and Shapiro, Carl

On the Licensing of Innovations