Northwestern University

November 19, 2018
Baron, Justus and Li, Cher and Nasirov, Shukhrat

Joining Standards Organizations: The Role of R&D Expenditures, Patents, and Product-Market Position

This paper studies collaborative innovation in the context of the development of open technology standards coordinated by standards organizations. Using consolidated longitudinal data from the world's largest R&D performing firms matched with membership information from 180 standards...Read More

September 2016
Baron, Justus and Pentheroudakis, Chryssoula and Thumm, Nikolaus

FRAND Licensing In Theory And In Practice: Proposal For A Common Framework

September 2016
Spulber, Daniel

Antitrust Policy toward Technology Standards

This article argues that there is not a conflict between antitrust policy and technology standards.Read More

July 2016
Baron, Justus and Schmidt, Julia

Technological Standardization, Endogenous Productivity and Transitory Dynamics

Technological standardization is an essential prerequisite for the implementation of new technologies: The interdependencies of these technologies require common rules ("standardization") to ensure compatibility. Though standardization is prevalent in practically every sector of industrialized...Read More

Lemus, Jorge and Temnyalov, Emil

Patent Privateering, Litigation, and R&D Incentives

Baron, Justus and Gupta, Kirti

Unpacking 3GPP standards

Spulber, Daniel

The Future of Patents and the Fork in the Road

You can learn a lot from Yogi Berra. A master of the mystifying bon mot, Berra once said “If you come to a fork in the road, take it!” The story goes that when traveling to Yogi Berra’s house, you came to a fork in the road, but either path took you to his door. We are now at that proverbial...Read More