University of California, Berkeley

September 13, 2017
Teece, David

How The FTC Has Erred On Innovation Policy Issues

Fall 2015
Shapiro, Carl

Injunctions, Hold-Up, and Patent Royalties


A simple model is developed to study royalty negotiations between a patent holder and a downstream firm whose product is more valuable if it includes a feature covered by the patent. The downstream firm must make specific investments to develop, design, and sell its product before...Read More

August 2015
Galetovic, Alexander and Haber, Stephen and Levine, Ross

An Empirical Examination of Patent Holdup

Peavey, Tabetha

Bowman v. Monsanto: Bowman, The Producer and the End User

Exhaustion of patent rights is an affirmative defense to infringement claims concerning the use or resale of a patented good. The U.S. Supreme Court confronted the scope of patent exhaustion in the context of self-replicating GM seeds for the first time in Bowman v. Monsanto Co.Read More

Menell, Peter and Lefstin, Jeffery

Rethinking Patent Eligibility for the Modern Scientific Age

Laeven, Luc and Levine, Ross and Michalopoulos, Stelios

Financial Innovation and Endogenous Growth

Hall, Bronwyn and Helmers, Christian and Von Graevenitz, Georg and Rosazza‐Bondibene, Chiara

Technology Entry in the Presence of Patent Thickets

Ratliff, James and Rubinfeld, Daniel

The Use and Threat of Injunctions in the RAND Context

Menell, Peter and Meurer, Michael

Notice Failure and Notice Externalities