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Scheuren, Fritz

What Can We Learn from the FTC’s Patent Assertion Entity Study?

This article discusses what we can learn from the FTC's Patent Assertion Entity Study. FTC officials have suggested that the study results could help inform public policy decisions with respect to PAEs and intellectual property issues and pointed to Congressional interest as part of the...Read More

Budish, Eric and Roin, Benjamin and Williams, Heidi

Do Fixed Patent Terms Distort Innovation? Evidence from Cancer Clinical Trials

Epstein, Richard

Patent Reform Gone Wild

Geradin, Damien and Layne-Farrar, Anne and Padilla, Jorge

The Complements Problem within Standard Setting: Assessing the Evidence on Royalty Stacking

Sunstein, Cass and Kahneman, Daniel and Schkade, David

Assessing Punitive Damages...