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January 5, 2019
Galetovic, Alexander and Haber, Stephen

SEP Royalties: What Theory of Value and Distribution Should Courts Apply?

In this paper, Alexander Galetovic and Stephen Haber argue that in adjudicating the value of SEPs, courts should do what they normally do in pricing an asset or the flow of income it produces; rely on information from the market – the “comparables” technique. As they note, courts should ask...Read More

March 2017

Is There an Anti-commons Tragedy in the Smartphone Industry?

An influential literature claims that standard setting in the smartphone industry creates market power. The core of this claim is that there are “too many” owners of the intellectual property rights necessary to make a phone interoperable and compatible, each of whom is able to earn “excessive...Read More

Galetovic, Alexander and Haber, Stephen and Zaretzki, Lew

A New Dataset on Mobile Phone Patent License Royalties

Budish, Eric and Roin, Benjamin and Williams, Heidi

Do Fixed Patent Terms Distort Innovation? Evidence from Cancer Clinical Trials

Gupta, Kirti and Snyder, Mark

Smart Phone Litigation and Standard Essential Patents