Northwestern University

July 2016
Baron, Justus and Schmidt, Julia

Technological Standardization, Endogenous Productivity and Transitory Dynamics

Technological standardization is an essential prerequisite for the implementation of new technologies: The interdependencies of these technologies require common rules ("standardization") to ensure compatibility. Though standardization is prevalent in practically every sector of industrialized...Read More

Lemus, Jorge and Temnyalov, Emil

Patent Privateering, Litigation, and R&D Incentives

Baron, Justus and Gupta, Kirti

Unpacking 3GPP standards

Poblete, Joaquín and Spulber, Daniel

Managing Invention and Innovation: From Delegated R&D to Implementation

Poblete, Joaquín and Spulber, Daniel

Optimal Agency Contracts for Delegated R&D

Brooks, Roger

SSO Rules, Standardization, and SEP Licensing: Economic Questions from the Trenches

This paper includes remarks prepared for the Research Roundtable on Innovation and Technology Standards, February 7-8, 2013, Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth, Northwestern University School of Law.Read More

Mazzeo, Michael and Hillel, Jonathan and Zyontz, Samantha

Do NPEs Matter?: Non-Practicing Entities And Patent Litigation Outcomes