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Geradin, Damien

Public Policy and Breach of Competition Law in International Arbitration: A Competition Law Practitioner's Viewpoint

In its March 2016 Opinion in the Genentech case, Advocate General Wathelet raised the complex question of the standard of review that should be applied by domestic courts when asked to set aside or declare unenforceable arbitral awards on the ground that they breach EU competition rules, which...Read More

de Streel, Alexandre and Larouche, Pierre

Disruptive Innovation and Competition Policy Enforcement

Disruptive innovation, according to business literature, occurs when an innovative product is brought to a market, such as meets the basic requirements of the lower-end of an established value network and also offers added value outside of that value network. That product wins over consumers and...Read More

Chava, Sudheer and Nanda, Vikram and Chong Xiao, Steven

Lending to Innovative Firms

Is bank financing compatible with innovation? We provide evidence that banks recognize the value of a firm's intellectual property, as embodied in its patent stock, and provide cheaper loans. Loan spreads are lower when lenders are more experienced in lending to innovative firms and when...Read More

Kattan, Joseph and Wood, Chris

Standard-Essential Patents and the Problem of Hold-Up