Stanford Technology Law Review

Lee, Edward

Patent Trolls: Moral Panics, Motions in Limine, And Patent Reform

This Article provides the first empirical study of the use of the term "patent troll" by U.S. media-specifically, examining leading newspapers and online publications. The study offers several key findings: (1) First, starting in 2006, the U.S. media surveyed used "patent troll" far more than...Read More

Fall 2015
Ashtor, Jonathan

Redefining “Valuable Patents”: Analysis of the Enforcement Value of U.S. Patents

This study analyzes the factors that make patents valuable in enforcement awards. Leading scholarship predominantly relies on proxies for value (e.g., whether a patent has been asserted or maintained), to designate which patents are “valuable” and which are not. Here, we study value directly and...Read More