Incremental Value


In re Innovatio IP Ventures, LLC

Memo Opinion, Findings, Conclusions, and Order in re Innovatio 11-cv-09308 United States District Court, N.D. Illinois (2013) 2013 WL 5593609 9Read More

Layne-Farrar, Anne and Llobet, Gerard and Padilla, Jorge

Payments and Participation: The Incentives to Join Cooperative Standard Setting Efforts

June 2012
Layne-Farrar, Anne and Llobet, Gerard

Moving beyond simple examples: Assessing the incremental value rule within standards


This paper presents a model of patent licensing in a standard setting context when patented technologies must be evaluated on multiple dimensions of value or quality. The model allows us to assess a policy proposal put forth in the literature: that an incremental value pricing rule...Read More