November 29, 2017
European Commission

Communication from the European Commission: Setting out the EU Approach to Standard Essential Patents

Communication from the European Commission to the European Parliament, The Council and the European Economic and Social Committee, Setting out the EU Approach to Standard Essential Patents

Standards ensure that interoperable and safe technologies are widely disseminated among companies...Read More

Putnam, Jonathan and Williams, Tim

The Smallest Salable Patent-Practicing Unit (SSPPU): Theory and Evidence

Jonathan Putnam and Tim Williams’ paper is the first to offer theoretical and empirical evidence for showing that the adoption of the SSPPU rule as a royalty base conflicts with fundamental economic principles and industry practices. Using economic theory, the authors establish that “the SSPPU...Read More

Ginsburg, Douglas and Kobayashi, Bruce and Wong-Ervin, Koren and Wright, Joshua

Extra-Jurisdictional Remedies Involving Patent Licensing

This article discusses the various approaches taken thus far, as exemplified by four recent decisions: one by the FTC against Google/MMI; two by the European Commission (“DGComp”) against Motorola and Samsung, respectively; and one by China’s National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”)...Read More

Rill, James

The Application of China's Anti-Monopoly Law to Essential Patent Licensing: The NDRC/QUALCOMM Action

This article discusses last month’s widely anticipated conclusion of the investigation by China’s National Development and Reform Commission of Qualcomm, Inc.’s licensing practices, the Chinese antitrust authority announced its intention to wade into the worldwide battles between holders of...Read More