Steensma, H. Kevin and Chari, Mukund and Heidl, Ralph

A Comparative Analysis of Patent Assertion Entities in Markets for Intellectual Property Rights

December 2015

Assertion of Standards-Essential Patents by Non-Practicing Entities

An extensive literature exists regarding the patent disclosure and licensing commitments made by participants in standard-setting organizations (SSOs), and the assertion of patents by non-practicing entities (NPEs). This study is the first to assess the degree to which NPEs have asserted...Read More

Fall 2015
Ashtor, Jonathan

Redefining “Valuable Patents”: Analysis of the Enforcement Value of U.S. Patents

This study analyzes the factors that make patents valuable in enforcement awards. Leading scholarship predominantly relies on proxies for value (e.g., whether a patent has been asserted or maintained), to designate which patents are “valuable” and which are not. Here, we study value directly and...Read More

RPX Corporation

RPX 2014 NPE Cost Report

Lemus, Jorge and Temnyalov, Emil

Patent Privateering, Litigation, and R&D Incentives

Summer 2015
Osenga, Kristen

Sticks and Stones: How The FTC’s Name-Calling Misses The Complexity Of Licensing-Based Business Models

This Essay asserts that the real problem is that patent licensing firms are treated as a homogenous category, with no attention paid to the wide range of business models that exist under the patent licensing firm umbrella.Read More