Haus, Axel and Juranek, Steffen

Patent Trolls, Litigation, and the Market for Innovation

We examine the role of non-practicing entities (NPEs), often called patent trolls, in patent litigation. We present a theoretical model that predicts that cases with NPE patentees resolve faster. We test this prediction using a hand-collected data set of US patent litigation cases. We find that...Read More

RPX Corporation

2014 NPE Cost Report High-level Findings

Companies in 2014 spent more than $12 billion in legal fees, settlements, and judgments to resolve NPE patent disputes.Read More

Spring 2014
Schwartz, David and Kesan, Jay

Analyzing the Role of Non-Practicing Entities in the Patent System

February 2014
Cosandier, Charlene and Delcampy, Henry and Leiponenz, Aija and Meniere, Yann

Defensive and Offensive Acquisition Services in the Market for Patents

Kappos, David

Facts Show Patent Trolls Not Behind Rise In Suits

The American patent system is at a crossroads. Just two and a half years removed from passage of the America Invents Act — the most dramatic overhaul of the U.S. patent system in generations — we see almost monthly legislative efforts to reform the system yet again. Driving this sentiment in...Read More