Mann, William

Creditor Rights and Innovation: Evidence from Patent Collateral

Patents have attracted controversy over whether they foster or hinder innovation. In his paper, William Mann is one of the few that establish a causal relationship between patents and R&D activity. The study begins by presenting empirical evidence for the pledge of patents as collateral to...Read More

Poblete, Joaquín and Spulber, Daniel

Managing Invention and Innovation: From Delegated R&D to Implementation

Poblete, Joaquín and Spulber, Daniel

Optimal Agency Contracts for Delegated R&D

Winter 2009
Bessen, James and Maskin, Eric

Sequential Innovation, Patents, and Imitation

Denicolò, Vincenzo and Franzoni, Luigi

The contract theory of patents

Katz, Michael and Shapiro, Carl

On the Licensing of Innovations