Royalty Rate

January 5, 2019
Galetovic, Alexander and Haber, Stephen

SEP Royalties: What Theory of Value and Distribution Should Courts Apply?

In this paper, Alexander Galetovic and Stephen Haber argue that in adjudicating the value of SEPs, courts should do what they normally do in pricing an asset or the flow of income it produces; rely on information from the market – the “comparables” technique. As they note, courts should ask...Read More

June 2018

Enabling Technology, Social Returns to Innovation, and Antitrust: The Tragedy Of Depressed Royalties

Innovation is the handmaiden of competition and economic growth. Few activities have larger payoffs than investment in activities which support innovation, especially R&D. However, inventors and private firms often struggle to capture an adequate return because of spillovers which benefit...Read More

November 1, 2017
Sidak, Gregory

Comments on the Japan Guidelines for Licensing Negotiations Involving Standard-Essential Patents

Gregory Sidak's comments on the proposed Japan Guidelines for Licensing Negotiations Involving Standard-Essential Patents.Read More

Summer 2017
Sidak, Gregory

Hedonic Prices and Patent Royalties

Putnam, Jonathan and Williams, Tim

The Smallest Salable Patent-Practicing Unit (SSPPU): Theory and Evidence

Jonathan Putnam and Tim Williams’ paper is the first to offer theoretical and empirical evidence for showing that the adoption of the SSPPU rule as a royalty base conflicts with fundamental economic principles and industry practices. Using economic theory, the authors establish that “the SSPPU...Read More

Galetovic, Alexander and Haber, Stephen and Zaretzki, Lew

A New Dataset on Mobile Phone Patent License Royalties

Fall 2015
Shapiro, Carl

Injunctions, Hold-Up, and Patent Royalties


A simple model is developed to study royalty negotiations between a patent holder and a downstream firm whose product is more valuable if it includes a feature covered by the patent. The downstream firm must make specific investments to develop, design, and sell its product before...Read More