SSO IPR Policy

August 2017
Rosenbrock, Karl Heinz

Why the ETSI IPR Policy Requires Licensing to All

September 2017
Mallinson, Keith

Development of Innovative New Standards Jeopardised by IEEE Patent Policy

"In March 2015, IEEE significantly amended its patent policy in what was couched as an “update” but that seeks to significantly revise commitments from parties holding patent claims essential to IEEE standards to license those rights on reasonable and non-discriminatory (RAND) terms. Changes...Read More

August 2017
Wong-Ervin, Koren

Righting the Course: What the DOJ Should Do About the IEEE Business Review Letter

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division (DOJ) departed from its own position and offered recommendations for SDOs that were ultimately adopted in large part by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), there was evidence of a decline in the number of letters of...Read More

September 2016
Sidak, Gregory

Testing for Bias to Suppress Royalties for Standard-Essential Patents

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a standards-setting organization (SSO). In 2015, it ratified amendments to its patent policy to mandate that a reasonable and nondiscriminatory (RAND) royalty for a standard-essential patent (SEP)—more...Read More

Kanevskaia, Olia and Zingales, Nicolo

IEEE IP Policy Update Under the Scrutiny of the EC Guidelines on Horizontal Cooperation

[T]he process of the [IEEE] IP Policy Update is unlikely to pass the test introduced in the [EC Guidelines on Horizontal Cooperation] due to its general failure to represent the

view of all affected stakeholders, and its disregard of the transparency and consensus requirements. This...Read More