May 2008
Layne-Farrar, Anne and Llobet, Gerard and Padilla, Jorge

Are Joint Negotiations In Standard Setting "Reasonably Necessary"?

Geradin, Damien and Layne-Farrar, Anne and Padilla, Jorge

The Complements Problem within Standard Setting: Assessing the Evidence on Royalty Stacking

Layne-Farrar, Anne and Lerner, Josh

Examining Patent Pool Participation and Rent Sharing Rules

November 2007
Simcoe, Timothy and Graham, Stuart and Feldman, Maryann

Competing on Standards? Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property and the Platform Paradox

Layne-Farrar, Anne and Padilla, Jorge and Schmalensee, Richard

Pricing Patents for Licensing In Standard Setting Organizations: Making Sense of FRAND Commitments

Farrell, Joseph and Hayes, John and Shapiro, Carl and Sullivan, Theresa

Standard Setting, Patents, and Hold-Up

This article focuses on a problem that the ABA Handbook labels “patent ambush” and that economists call “opportunism” or “hold-up.”Read More