Teece, David

September 2019
Teece, David

5G and the Global Economy: How Static Competition Policy Frameworks Can Defeat Open Innovation

Wireless telecommunications help knit together the global economy. The efforts of hundreds of thousands of engineers employed by thousands of firms have cooperated and competed to deliver solutions, not just compatible across firms but continually improving across time. This miracle of...Read More

June 20, 2018
Rill, James and Teece, David

The DOJ Must Exalt Intellectual Property Rights

October 2017
Grindley, Peter and Sherry, Ed and Teece, David

On the “non-discrimination” aspect of FRAND licensing: A response to the Indian Competition Commission's recent orders

The Indian Competition Commission has recently challenged Ericsson's practice of licensing its standards-essential patents (SEPs), relating to cellular standards, for percentage-based royalties based on the selling prices of the end-user licensed products. Ericsson had committed to the relevant...Read More

September 13, 2017
Teece, David

How The FTC Has Erred On Innovation Policy Issues

April 26, 2017
Teece, David and Sherry, Ed

On Patent “Monopolies”: An Economic Re-Appraisal

In exchange for public disclosure, the patent system gives a successful patent applicant the right to exclude others from using the patented technology without permission for a period of time (in the U.S., currently 20 years from application). A series of older cases refer to this exclusivity as...Read More

November 2016
Teece, David and Sherry, Ed

A Public Policy Evaluation of RAND Decisions in the U.S. Courts

Standards-setting organizations (SSOs) typically ask holders of patents that are believed to be “essential” to the manufacture of standards-compliant products (sometimes termed standard-essential patents or “SEPs”) to commit to making licenses available to an “unlimited” number of potential...Read More