LeadershIP EU 2021 Roundtable

Virtual Roundtable

April 15, 2021 | 15:00 CET

The last decade witnessed unprecedented success and growing economic importance of wireless technologies. Along with this success, these technologies, developed as “technology standards,” received intense scrutiny from various business interests, policy makers, and researchers. The debate over Standards Essential Patents (“SEPs”) intensified – initially, with no clear answers.

With time, however, new research and evidence has emerged, and there seems to be a global consensus, at least with respect to some basic issues, in policy direction and jurisprudence. Several global court decisions have recently embraced a market-based approach, and the European Commission has committed to facilitating industry led SEP initiatives. As the global industries, including auto, manufacturing, and various IoT devices evolve and embrace 5G as the backbone for connecting, there is momentum for exploring new industry led solutions.