Gustav Brismark

Before starting his own business in 2019, Mr Brismark had over 30 years of experience from Research, Development of Wireless cellular standards and FRAND licensing, at Ericsson.  He started his career as a research engineer and inventor, on algorithm research for 2G cellular standards (GSM, US-TDMA and Japanese PDC) and later for 3G WCDMA. In the late 1990’s he was responsible for Ericsson’s standardisation acitvities in Japan, at the time when 3GPP was formed, enabling one global standard development activity for 3G WCDMA, with the endorsement of regional standards bodies worldwide.  From 2004-2019, Mr Brismark was part of the management of Ericsson’s IPR Licensing business. As the VP of IPR Strategy from 2006, part of his responsibility was IPR Policy matters and participation in ETSI IPR Special Committee as well as the Ad Hoc Group on IPR in ITU.  He served as the Chief Intellectual Property Officer (CIPO) at Ericsson, 2016-2019. As the CIPO Mr. Brismark was responsible for Ericsson’s worldwide patent licensing business and patent development.

In 2019 Mr Brismark founded Kazehara AB, providing consultancy services in IPR strategy, IPR value-creation, FRAND-licensing and eco-system development.  Since 2019, Mr Brismark has also been serving as a patent licensing expert witness in several patent litigation processes.

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