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Josh Sisco is a reporter with POLITICO, where he covers antitrust enforcement, policy and litigation. His coverage is focused on how regulators and policy makers are fighting to rein in corporate power and the pushback from the companies and their Washington allies.

Josh has spent the last nine years on the antitrust beat, most recently at The Information, where he covered the heightened scrutiny of the tech giants, including Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft. Josh is an experienced legal and financial journalist who follows civil and criminal antitrust litigation along with government investigations. He has previously worked for publications including MLex, the Policy and Regulatory Report and The Capitol Forum.

Josh earned his B.A. in communications at Sonoma State University in Northern California, studying journalism and sociology.

When AI Helps Generate Inventions, Who Is the Inventor?

By Andrei Iancu and Rama Elluru This commentary from the CSIS-SCSP Task Force on IP in the AI Era was originally published in the Special Competitive Studies Project’s Substack on February 15, 2024. With roots in the U.S. constitution, patent rights provide an exclusive property right in new inventions like drugs,
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Standard Essential Patents and European Economic Security

By Kirti Gupta and Chris Borges On April 27, 2023, the European Commission published a draft proposal on standard essential patents (SEPs) seeking to address the perceived lack of transparency and predictability in the licensing of SEPs. The commission proposes the creation of a competence center within the European Union Intellectual
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Proposed Federal Use of March-in Rights Would Weaken American Innovation

By Sujai Shivakumar and Thomas Howell   The Biden administration is considering exercising something called “march-in rights” as a policy prescription to curb drug prices. But as with any prescription, there is a need to weigh efficacy against the side-effects. In this case, there is evidence that the vast majority of
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