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Josh Sisco is a reporter with POLITICO, where he covers antitrust enforcement, policy and litigation. His coverage is focused on how regulators and policy makers are fighting to rein in corporate power and the pushback from the companies and their Washington allies.

Josh has spent the last nine years on the antitrust beat, most recently at The Information, where he covered the heightened scrutiny of the tech giants, including Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft. Josh is an experienced legal and financial journalist who follows civil and criminal antitrust litigation along with government investigations. He has previously worked for publications including MLex, the Policy and Regulatory Report and The Capitol Forum.

Josh earned his B.A. in communications at Sonoma State University in Northern California, studying journalism and sociology.

Assessing the Patent and Trademark Office’s Inventorship Guidance for AI-Assisted Inventions

By Alexander Kersten As new applications of artificial intelligence (AI) become more sophisticated, AI tools are increasingly used to assist in the process of invention. However, given that inventorship is limited to natural persons under U.S. law, AI’s growing utilization has raised questions around whether AI-assisted inventions should receive patents,
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Securing IP and the Future of Pandemic Preparedness

By Jeffrey Depp In December 2021, member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) at a Special Session of the World Health Assembly created an intergovernmental negotiating body (INB) to draft and negotiate a WHO convention, agreement, or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response (“Pandemic Agreement”). The
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The Use of March-In Rights Could Undermine Innovation and National Security

By Hideki Tomoshige and Sujai Shivakumar By accelerating new products to market, the nation’s innovation system—a network of interconnected activities across university researchers, small and large businesses, and venture capital and other financial organizations, among other actors—enhances economic growth, competitiveness, and national security. Securing the future of this innovation system
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