Brooks, Roger and Geradin, Damien

Interpreting and Enforcing the Voluntary FRAND Commitment

Technical standards are far from a new phenomenon. Since the late eighteenth and early twentieth centuries, national and international bodies - in many cases purely private and voluntary bodies - have been promulgating standards in a wide array of commercially important technical fields. Over...Read More

Wright, Joshua and Stuempfle, Aubrey

Patent Holdup, Antitrust and Innovation: Harness or Noose?

September 2004
Padilla, Jorge and Evans, David

Excessive Prices: Using Economics to Define Administrable Legal Rules

May 1999
Lipsky, Abbott (Tad) and Sidak, Gregory

Essential Facilities

Since United States v. Terminal Railroad Association, the essential facilities doctrine has been applied to a wide variety of business contexts-from football stadiums to the New York Stock Exchange. However, courts have also declined to extend the doctrine to a wide variety of situations....Read More

Salop, Steven and Scheffman, David

Raising Rivals' Costs